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Innovative Factory Automation Solutions for the Energy Industry

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Advanced Systems and Controls develops highly efficient automation solutions that are engineered to meet the demands of the modern energy industry. Our solutions include optimized material handling equipment and custom complex assemblies.

Complete Factory Automation and Assembly Systems for Commercial Energy Providers

ASC specializes in the total engineering, manufacturing, and implementation of industrial automation and material handling systems utilized by leading manufacturers throughout the global energy industry. From cutting-edge renewable energy applications to traditional power plants and factories, we help your enterprise streamline its production processes through custom-integrated automation technology.

Robotic Material Handling Systems Engineered for the Challenges of the Modern Energy Sector

Partnering with an experienced automation specialist like ASC ensures your facility’s material handling technologies are capable of meeting the demands of the modern energy sector’s advanced manufacturing processes. We design and manufacture custom robotic material handling systems which are engineered to meet energy providers’ most challenging production requirements.

Manufacturing state-of-the-art equipment for today’s energy industry gives rise to a multitude of unique material handling challenges. Fragile exotic materials are often required, as well as volatile chemicals that must be handled with precision. Solar energy panels are a common example used extensively in the modern renewable energy sector, as the assembly process involves manipulating fragile silicone plates, and treating them with chemical solutions, all of which must be done in a safe environment.

Automated Assembly Systems for Energy Industry Manufacturers

ASC specializes in the engineering and integration of custom production technology that meets the high-productivity demands of modern energy industry providers. Our production solutions include custom assembly systems, industrial presses, robotic handling equipment, as well as a wide range of end-of-line systems. We offer complete turnkey systems designed from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with your existing production line.


Advanced Systems and Controls is an American small business dedicated to supplying customers worldwide with quality-engineered, custom turnkey machinery. Founded in 1990, our company operates out of a 24,000 square-foot facility located in Macomb, Michigan.

Our team offers decades of combined innovation in engineering quality-focused turnkey testing, assembly, and automation solutions for a diverse range of commercial applications. If you have specialized machinery needs, contact us to discuss how we can accommodate the unique needs of your project.