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Construction and Agriculture

Custom Automation Solutions for Construction Applications

ASC offers complete automation engineering solutions which are designed to integrate seamlessly with your production line equipment.

Industrial Automation and Assembly Solutions for the Construction and Agriculture Industries

Advanced Systems and Controls develops custom industrial assembly and automation solutions for the construction industry, as well as other markets that deal with heavy equipment and complex commercial machinery.

Our team specializes in the development of turnkey assembly and automated production line systems designed around the precision requirements of the modern construction sector. Our custom robotic handling systems are engineered to streamline the production processes in a wide range of construction and heavy equipment applications.

Turnkey Assembly Systems with Custom Tooling Capabilities

Our team offers decades of combined experience in the engineering of complete turnkey assembly systems for the construction and heavy equipment industry. All of our turnkey systems are designed and manufactured according to the specific needs of your production line processes.

From on-site assembly and fastening systems to factory assembly technology, our custom industrial automation solutions are designed to streamline and simplify your overall production processes. As a result, ASC helps commercial construction providers achieve a competitive advantage in both cost and capability.

Custom Industrial Presses for Heavy Equipment Applications

Advanced Systems and Controls specializes in the engineering and development of industrial press solutions capable of accommodating the extreme demands of heavy equipment applications. Our advanced press systems are designed and optimized to accommodate the specific needs of your production processes.

Automated Assembly and Testing Systems for Agricultural Heavy Equipment

ASC manufactures custom assembly and testing systems for heavy equipment used in agriculture. Our special purpose machine solutions are engineered to automate the industry’s uniquely complex production operations such as gearbox and axle assembly, torque measurement and bearing preload.

We also develop state-of-the-art automated testing systems for agricultural applications including hydraulic and mechanical functional testing of gearboxes, axles and clutches, as well as specialized tests for gear backlash, and NVH.

No matter the heavy equipment application, ASC offers the capability to develop a full range of assembly and testing solutions that satisfy the specific needs of your operation.