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Custom Automation Solutions for the Aerospace Manufacturing Industry

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Advanced Systems and Controls’ custom robotic handling systems are ideal automated solution for the aerospace industry. We specialize in the development of innovative turnkey assembly and automated production systems engineered to the precision standards demanded by modern aerospace manufacturing applications.

Innovative Engineering Solutions for Aerospace Production Applications

ASC specializes in the total engineering and development of custom production line technology and automated handling systems that meet the challenging needs of modern automotive manufacturers. Our precision production solutions include turnkey assembly systems as well as custom presses and fastening systems.

Our automated robotic solutions include robotic material handling systems capable of accommodating large aerospace parts and complex assemblies. We also engineer custom robotic welding systems capable of providing the extreme precision required for advanced aerospace productions. All of our turnkey systems are engineered from the ground up to integrate seamlessly with your current production line equipment.

  • Custom Assembly Systems for Aerospace Parts and Assemblies
  • Robotic Welding and Material Handling Systems
  • Custom Press and Fastening Solutions
  • Module Assembly Systems
  • End-of-Line Systems
  • Complete Factory Automation Solutions

Turnkey Assembly Solutions

Our team can engineer a complete and optimized turnkey assembly system designed around the precision requirements of your aerospace production. Our automated assembly solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing production line to streamline the manufacturing of your complex aerospace parts and assemblies.

Industrial Press Solutions

ASC develops custom industrial press solutions engineered to accommodate the strict quality requirements of aviation parts and flight components. We build presses ranging from low-force, interference-fit assembly systems, to presses capable of generating over 100 tons of load.

Aerospace Robotic Systems Integration

Advance Systems and Controls designs, develops and builds robotic welding, part manipulation and assembly systems. Our systems are engineered to integrate seamlessly into your existing production line.

Advanced Testing and Inspection Systems

Our custom engineered component, in-process and end-of-line test systems assess the quality and functionality of in-process and finished product. These detailed testing processes are essential for every manufacturer to minimize any production risks while maximizing the quality, consistency, and safety of your products.

Innovative Automation Solutions Engineered for the Aerospace Industry and Beyond

Advanced Systems and Controls is an American small business dedicated to supplying customers worldwide with quality-engineered custom turnkey machinery. Founded in 1990, our company operates out of a 24,000 square-foot facility located in Macomb, Michigan.

Our team offers decades of combined innovation in engineering quality-focused turnkey testing, assembly, and automation solutions for a diverse range of commercial applications. If you have specialized machinery needs, contact us to discuss how we can accommodate the unique needs of your project.