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Production Testing and Inspection Solutions

Advanced Systems and Controls’ custom engineered, end-of-line test systems assess the quality and functionality of each finished product. These detailed testing processes are essential for every manufacturer to minimize any production risks while maximizing the quality, consistency, and safety of your products.

Complete Testing Capabilities for the Automotive Industry and Beyond

Our versatile testing and inspection solutions are specially engineered for a wide range of production applications. From automotive and aerospace manufacturing projects to the energy sector and consumer goods, ASC provides the flexible inspection technology required to ensure uncompromised quality, functionality, and consistency from your products.

  • ABS/Wheels Testing
  • EDL Testing
  • Gear Backlash
  • Torque Load Testing
  • Leak Testing
  • 3D Vision Inspection System
  • Cyclic Loading Systems
  • NVH and Acoustic
  • End-of-Line Testing Systems
  • Ring and Pinion
  • Static Gauging
  • Transfer Case
  • Gearbox Testing

Advantages of Our Turnkey Assembly Solutions

Tooling Flexibility for Enhanced Production Speed and Versatility

We can engineer an automated assembly solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing tooling and equipment. Wherever possible, operations are streamlined to maximize production speed and efficiency. For example, a single DC nut runner can be automated to perform multiple fastening operations, potentially with multiple different sockets and driving tools.

Automated for Superior Quality and Consistency

Our turnkey assembly systems are engineered to deliver optimum performance through robust data utilization. Our data logging systems are built on careful sequencing and nesting. All production data is preserved in the correct order to facilitate consistent and repeatable assembly operations.

Hardware Flexibility for Seamless Integration

You can specify the type of hardware used (tooling, controls hardware, etc.) to ensure our custom assembly systems integrate seamlessly into your existing production line.

Inventive Low-Cost Approaches to Assembly

Wherever possible, assembly operations are simplified and optimized. For example, if a longer cycle time is available, machine capital cost can be reduced by using one or two nut runners to fasten multiple bolts each.

Fully Integrated into Your Production

We can provide a stand-alone, offline assembly machine to handle a complete custom assembly process. Alternatively, we can integrate a machine into your existing production processes with integrated process tracking and data collection.

Bolt Torque Process Automation

ASC has ample experience setting up bolt rundown systems to complete complex torque and angle specifications. We build our systems to a standard assembly process Cpk of 1.33 (4σ, or no more than 60 machine-caused rejects per 1,000,000 assemblies).

Case Study: Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) Testing


This custom NVH machine engineered at Advanced Systems and Controls tests an axle assembly under varying loads of moderate torque. Precision sensors detect any torque vibrations that are generated by the gearset. The intensity of this vibration is used to determine a torque-induced “noise” level of the axle.

Machine Type Production Test Machine
Controls Package Advanced Systems and Controls
Siemens PLC and HMI
Signal.X Technologies LLC
Standard PC
National Instruments PXI Controller
Cycle Time 55 seconds
Repeatability From masters to benchmark parts
Notes The system is capable of production even if the PC (used as an interface to the PXI controller) is not running.

Precision and Performance, Tested and Verified

No matter what your custom testing and inspection requirements may be, Advanced Systems and Controls has the expertise to engineer a truly optimized solution. From specialized automotive and transportation related processes to advanced 3D vision systems and end-of-line testing solutions, ASC is your single source for superior engineering and integration.