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Systems Integration for Factory Automation

Advanced Systems and Controls designs, develops and builds automated assembly and robotic systems. Our custom systems are engineered to integrate seamlessly into your existing production line.

Innovative Robotic Integration for Your Automated Production Line

Tooling Flexibility for Enhanced Production Speed and Versatility

We can engineer an automated assembly solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing tooling and equipment. Wherever possible, operations are streamlined to maximize production speed and efficiency. For example, a single DC nut runner can be automated to perform multiple fastening operations, potentially with multiple different sockets and driving tools.

Automated for Superior Quality and Consistency

Our turnkey assembly systems are engineered to deliver optimum performance through robust data utilization. Our data-logging systems are built on careful sequencing and nesting. All production data is preserved in the correct order to facilitate consistent and repeatable assembly operations.

Hardware Flexibility for Seamless Integration

You can specify the type of hardware used (tooling, controls hardware, etc.) to ensure our custom assembly systems integrate seamlessly into your existing production facility.

Fully Integrated into Your Production

We can provide stand-alone, offline assembly machines to handle a complete custom assembly process. Alternatively, we can integrate a machine into your existing production processes with integrated process tracking and data collection.

Production Robotic Welding

We can supply and integrate robotic welding into your process using robots and welding systems that are consistent with what you are currently using.

Automated Material Handling

Our turnkey material handling includes hard tool and robotic pick-and-place systems, including vision, barcode scanning of production parts weighing from a few ounces to several hundred pounds.