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Automation – Controls Engineering

Advanced Systems and Controls delivers the controls engineering expertise required to develop a streamlined automation solution for your production line. We specialize in the total development of automated industrial systems as well as robotic systems integration. Our innovative team of engineers will develop an optimized controls solution alongside your unique automation system, or we can update your existing machines to seamlessly perform multiple functions.

  • PLC / PC machine control
  • Gage control and measurement systems
  • Assembly line / Process control
  • Data collection

Robotic Systems Integrator Services

  • Automated Assembly Operations
  • Robotic Welding Systems
  • Pallet Handling and Material Handling
  • Unmanned Machine Tending
  • Parts Pick-and-Place Systems
  • Automated Inspection and Quality Control Operations

Streamline Your Production Process Through Innovative Robotic Systems Integration

The goal of robotic systems integration is to program industrial robots so that they efficiently perform automated tasks within your production line. Robotic automation can offer a substantial boost in overall productivity while also maximizing the quality and consistency of your end products. At ASC, we have developed custom robotic systems integration solutions for a diverse range of industries – from automotive manufacturing and robotic welding to automated food and beverage packaging.

The challenge is that the integration of custom industrial robotic systems requires expert controls engineering. Backed by decades of combined expertise and innovation in automated manufacturing and assembly, ASC can design an optimized robotic system for your application and seamlessly integrate your production line through an optimized controls solution.

Machine Analysis and Automation

Our engineers have ample experience in analyzing machines and processes for cycle time, repeatability, and process capability. Our new machines are always fully qualified with documentary support, and we can also qualify existing machines and processes with industry-standard analysis techniques.