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Turnkey Assembly Systems for Production Line Automation

Advanced Systems and Controls will develop an optimized turnkey assembly system that is engineered around the specific requirements of your production processes. Our custom industrial automation solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with your facility’s existing equipment and assembly operations, or we can design a solution around new custom hardware of your choosing.

ASC’s automated assembly systems are expertly engineered to maximize the overall efficiency, consistency, and flexibility of your production line, facilitating a more sustainable manufacturing process.

Advantages of Our Turnkey Assembly Solutions

Tooling Flexibility for Enhanced Production Speed and Versatility

We can engineer an automated assembly solution which integrates seamlessly with your existing tooling and equipment. Wherever possible, operations are streamlined to maximize production speed and efficiency. For example, a single DC nut runner can be automated to perform multiple fastening operations, potentially with multiple different sockets and driving tools.

Tooling Flexibility for Enhanced Production Speed and Versatility

Automated for Superior Quality and Consistency

Our turnkey assembly systems are engineered to deliver optimum performance through robust data utilization. Our data logging systems are built on careful sequencing and nesting. All production data is preserved in the correct order to facilitate consistent and repeatable assembly operations.

Hardware Flexibility for Seamless Integration

You can specify the type of hardware used (tooling, controls hardware, etc.) to ensure our custom assembly systems integrate seamlessly into your existing production line.

Inventive Low-Cost Approaches to Assembly

Wherever possible, assembly operations are simplified and optimized. For example, if a longer cycle time is available, machine capital cost can be reduced by using one or two nut runners to fasten multiple bolts each.

Fully Integrated into Your Production

We can provide a stand-alone, offline assembly machine to handle a complete custom assembly process. Alternatively, we can integrate a machine into your existing production processes with integrated process tracking and data collection.

Bolt Torque Process Automation

ASC has ample experience setting up bolt rundown systems to complete complex torque and angle specifications. We build our systems to a standard assembly process Cpk of 1.33 (4σ, or no more than 60 machine-caused rejects per 1,000,000 assemblies).

Case Study: Rapid Automated Assembly System for Automotive Axle Applications


Ford RDU assembly line
Ford RDU

Axle Assembly – Ford RDU Assembly Process

Of the more than half-dozen axle assembly lines Advanced Systems and Controls has produced, the Ford RDU assembly process is the fastest and most complex. The line produces a full independent axle module (complete with CV shafts and clutch).

The line features two parallel front-line assembly processes, each producing one axle every 45 seconds. The parallel processes are linked by crossover turntables, allowing sections to be bypassed easily.

The back line processes all parts at double the speed of each front line: one axle assembly is produced every 24 seconds. The back line features three robot-loaded, parallel balancers, each of which can balance one assembly per 60 seconds.

System Type Rapid Automated Assembly Process
Controls Package

Siemens PLCs and HMIs

Industrial PCs

Build Rate 24 seconds per axle (800 units / shift)