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Special Test Machine

Turn-Key Solutions: no matter what the requirements are for a machine, Advanced Systems and Controls has the in-house capability to design, assemble, and commission, on time and on budget.

Hardware Flexibility: the type of hardware used (motors, cylinders, valves, controls hardware, sensors, instrumentation, etc) can be specified by the customer.

Machine Analysis and Automation: we have years of experience analyzing machines and processes for cycle time, repeatability, and process capability. Our new machines are always fully qualified with documentary support, and we can also qualify existing machines and processes with industry standard analysis techniques.

Integration: we can provide a stand-alone, offline test machine, or we can integrate a machine into a new or existing process, including process tracking and data collection.

Software Services: our proprietary machine automation and digital signal processing techniques result in a greater level of machine reliability, process repeatability, and measurement accuracy.

Gear Backlash - Dynamic Backlash
The ASC3012 OP280 Dynamic Backlash Tester measures an axle's backlash. Traditionally, backlash is measured using a dial indicator or an automated machine: three points around the ring gear are typically measured. A dynamic backlash tester measures hundreds of samples across the gearset: this is equivalent to measuring the gearset's backlash by hand hundreds of times. Information about ring gear warpage, ring gear and pinion runout, and even noise issues can be derived from this data.
ASC3012 Dynamic Backlash Machine
Machine Type production tester
Controls Package Siemens PLC and HMI
industrial PC
Cycle Time 55 seconds
Dimensional Repeatability +/- 0.005mm
Notes Tooling and software is included to re-master the system and prepare a report on the quality of the machine's pinion (green) and ring gear (red) spindles.
This machine has a YouTube video associated with it.Further InformationDynamic Backlash
Click on the chart to see what dynamic backlash can tell you about an assembly


Signal Verification - Active ABS Tester
Active ABS Signal
Advanced Systems and Controls is a leader in the development and production of ABS test systems. The ASC3382 Active ABS Tester is representative of these types of machines.

The machine tests a full axle assembly with wheel end tone rings. Standard ABS sensors (provided by the customer) are injected automatically and the tone rings are analyzed for defects.
ASC3382 Active ABS Tester
Machine Type production test machine
Controls Package Siemens PLC and HMI
industrial PC
Cycle Time 18 seconds
Signal Repeatability 10% GR&R on all characteristics
This machine has a YouTube video associated with it.Notes Full sets of test results can be 'replayed' on the machine (or on a development or maintenance computer) to support detection of subtle signal flaws.


Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH)

The ASC3012 OP340 NVH machine tests an axle assembly under varying, moderate torque loads. Sensors detect torque vibrations generated by the gearset, and this vibration is used to determine a torque-induced 'noise' level of the axle.

ASC3012 OP340 NVH Machine
Machine Type production test machine
Controls Package
Advanced Systems and Controls
Siemens PLC and HMI
Signal X Technologies
standard PC
National Instruments PXI Controller
Cycle Time 55 seconds
Repeatability masters to benchmark parts
This machine has a YouTube video associated with it.Notes The system is capable of production even if the PC (used as an interface to the PXI controller) is not running.


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