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Rugged Design: our machines are built tough and designed to be simple to maintain. Heavy duty steel frames and black-oxide working surfaces protect sensitive gaging components from damage.
Micron-Level Accuracy: machined surfaces can be measured precisely and repeatably, and our gages ship with a standard 10% GR&R requirement. Both static surfaces (bearing races, datum points, etc) and dynamic surfaces (rotating flanges, bearing surfaces, etc) can be measured accurately.

Hardware Flexibility: the type of hardware used (transducers, controls hardware, etc) can be specified by the customer.

Fast, High Volume Approaches: a single gage can be used to measure multiple part characteristics if necessary.

Inventive, Low-Cost Approaches: if a longer cycle time is available, machine capital cost can be reduced by using manual gaging techniques.

Integration: we can provide a stand-alone, offline gage, or we can integrate a machine into an existing process, including process tracking and data collection.

Signal Conditioning and Analysis: our mechanical experience with gaging, and our proprietary digital signal processing techniques allow us to improve the accuracy of our gages beyond the sum of their individual measurement components.

Dimensional Gaging - Brake Caliper Characteristics
The ASC2175 Basic Characteristics Tester is used to test brake caliper performance characteristics. The machine controls a closed-loop hydraulic feed system that pressurizes the part with standard DOT3 brake fluid. Fluid displacement, pressure, and displacement of the caliper body are measured. A wide variety of test profiles are available, and results are exported directly to Microsoft Excel when the test completes.
ASC2175 Basic Characteristics Tester Machine Type lab benchtop tester
Controls Package standard PC with custom control software
Cycle Time minutes to hours, depending on test type
Dimensional Repeatability +/- 0.003mm
Notes Once the caliper is set up, testing is fully automated. Lengthy tests can be completed without requiring operator intervention.


Dynamic Dimensional Gaging - Pinion Head Height
ASC3121 Gaging Detail The ASC3121 Pinion Head Height Gage measures the distance between the machined flat on a pinion, and an imaginary line stretching between two bores. This measurement proves that the pinion has been assembled and shimmed correctly. The machine rotates the pinion from the flange side to improve dynamic accuracy.
ASC3121 Pinion Head Height Gage Machine Type production test machine
Controls Package Siemens PLC and HMI
Cycle Time 30 seconds
Dimensional Repeatability +/- 0.005mm
This machine has a YouTube video associated with it.Notes The machine uses a proprietary algorithm to improve dimensional repeatability by 50% as compared to direct measurement methods.


Dynamic Dimensional Gaging - Runout

The ASC2296-04 Flange Runout Gage measures the axial and radial runout of an axle's pinion flange. A precision gage head (shown in red) engages the pinion flange. This gage head is measured by LVDT sensors (mounted to the left of the gage head disc).

ASC2296-04 TIR Machine Machine Type production test machine
Controls Package Allen-Bradley PLC and industrial PC
Cycle Time 45 seconds
Dimensional Repeatability +/- 0.013mm
Notes Non-periodic measurement disturbances (such as debris on the measurement disc or electrical noise) are automatically discarded.


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