Advanced Systems and Controls Fastening



Tooling Flexibility: a single DC nut runner can be set up to perform multiple operations (potentially with multiple different sockets and driving tools). Through careful sequencing and nesting, all data can be preserved in the correct order.

Hardware Flexibility: the type of hardware used (nut runner, controls hardware, etc) can be specified by the customer.
Fast, High Volume Approaches: multiple nut runners can be tied together to run down many bolts at the same time.

Inventive, Low-Cost Approaches: if a longer cycle time is available, machine capital cost can be reduced by using one or two nut runners to fasten multiple bolts each. 

Integration: we can provide a stand-alone, offline nut rundown machine, or we can integrate a machine into an existing process, including process tracking and data collection.

Bolt Torque Process Automation: we can set up bolt rundown systems to complete complex torque and angle specifications. We build our systems to a standard assembly process Cpk of 1.33 (4σ, or no more than 60 machine-caused rejects per 1,000,000 assemblies). 

EXAMPLE: Dual Spindle System - Rotary Positioner
The STA40 Ring Gear Bolt Rundown station uses two nut rundown spindles to tighten up to 12 ring gear bolts. The system is capable of applying up to 1000nm of torque to each individual bolt. Bolts are run down in pairs: a tool rotates the ring gear from the bottom as necessary to run down all bolts.
ASC3170 STA40 Ring Gear Bolt Rundown
Machine Type production assembly machine
Controls Package Rockwell PLC and HMI
Atlas-Copco DC Nutrunners
Cycle Time 120 seconds
ASC3170 STA40 Ring Gear Bolt RundownNotes A laser is used to sense each non-tightened bolt over the course of a single rotation. Thus, the ring gear is permitted to arrive in any orientation, and the bolt configuration of the ring gear need not be radially symmetric.


EXAMPLE: Single Spindle System - X/Y Slide
The ASC3012 OP270 Cover Pan Rundown station is designed to tighten a cover pan to an axle assembly. The system can tighten up to 16 bolts, in any pattern. A Bosch X-Y servo slide is used to position a Bosch bolt rundown spindle to an accuracy of +/- 0.5mm. Torque of up to 250nm can be applied independently to each bolt.
Bolt Rundown Pattern
Machine Type production assembly machine
Controls Package Siemens PLC and HMI
Bosch X-Y Slide
Bosch DC Nutrunner
Cycle Time 55 seconds
Notes In the event of a tightening failure, the bolt is automatically backed off, and an operator can replact the faulty bolt. The sequence will then resume from that point forward.

Note: some 'fastening' applications (such as hub rundown or adjuster nut installation) are further discussed in the 'Assemble' section.


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