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Turn-Key Solutions: no matter what the requirements are for a machine, Advanced Systems and Controls has the in-house capability to design, assemble, and commission, on time and on budget.

Hardware Flexibility: the type of hardware used (motors, cylinders, valves, controls hardware, sensors, instrumentation, etc) can be specified by the customer.

Process Analysis and Automation: with years of experience building and commissioning assembly processes, our team can analyze an existing or proposed process to determine bottlenecks, improve flow rate, and decrease part rejects.

Integration: we can provide a stand-alone, offline assembly machine, or we can integrate a machine into a new or existing process, including process tracking and data collection.

Software Services: our proprietary machine automation and digital signal processing techniques result in a greater level of machine reliability, process repeatability, and measurement accuracy.

Low Torque Bearing Preload -- Hub Nut Rundown
The ASC2313 Hub Rundown Machine is representative of bearing preload machines we have built in the past. Hub rundown machines are capable of executing a complex tightening procedure. Hub nuts are tightened to high torque, loosened a short distance, and then re-tightened a specific number of degrees or to a low torque. Hub torque is monitored to confirm that the bearings are properly preloaded. 
ASC2313 Hub Rundown Machine
Machine Type in-line production assembly machine
Controls Package Rockwell PLC and HMI
industrial PC
Cycle Time 55 seconds
This machine has a YouTube video associated with it.This machine has a YouTube video associated with it.
Our latest hub rundown software offers real-time graphing and analysis of all torque signals, as well as motor velocity and position.


Gear Assembly -- Adjuster Nut Machine
This machine sets proper bearing preload and backlash on an adjuster nut axle center section. After setting backlash and preload, the machine requires an operator to verify the gear pattern. Finally, after the part is approved, nut runners mounted to X-Y linear slides automatically tighten all bearing cap bolts.
ASC3170 STA160 Nut Adjuster / Test Jack
Machine Typeproduction assembly machine
Controls Package Rockwell PLC and HMI
industrial PC
Cycle Time 120 seconds
Backlash Repeatability +/- 0.01mm
Preload Dimensional Repeatability
+/- 0.004mm
Test Jack Camera ImageNotesThe machine automatically adjusts for ring gear, pinion, and bearing cap runout to produce the best possible backlash and preload. Images of the completed gear pattern are stored via a camera system.

Axle Assembly -- Ford RDU Assembly Process
ASC2415 RDU LineOf the more than half-dozen axle assembly lines Advanced Systems and Controls has produced, the Ford RDU assembly process is the fastest and most complex. The line produces a full independent axle module (complete with CV shafts and clutch).

The line features two parallel front-line assembly processes, each producing one axle every 45 seconds. The parallel processes are linked by crossover turntables, allowing sections to be bypassed easily.

The back line processes all parts at double the speed of each front line: one axle assembly is produced every 24 seconds. The back line features three robot-loaded, parallel balancers, each of which can balance one assembly per 60 seconds.
ASC2415 RDU LineSystem Typerapid automated assembly process
Controls PackageSiemens PLCs and HMIs
industrial PCs
Build Rate24 seconds per axle (800 units / shift)
Press Press Fasten Fasten Assemble Assemble Gage Gage Test Test Analyze Analyze